Hair extensions aren’t just for length, they can also add volume or a subtle enhancement to your own hair.  All of our extensions are ethically sourced and, unlike many products on the market today, have not been over-processed.


Extensions can be a big step and quite a commitment.  That's why at
5th Avenue Hair Design, our professionally-trained stylists work with you to find the best hair extension option and colour to perfectly meet your needs. 
There are two methods of hair extensions that we offer...


Micro Bead (Micro Loop)

We apply double-drawn micro-bead extensions by clamping the little bead on the tip of the extension to your own hair. The connections are durable and pretty much damage-free as there’s no glue, no heat, no tape and no sewing.  These are probably the best option if you want to be able to dye your extensions and use lots of products or heat-styling appliances.  Best of all, these extensions can be curled and straightened as if it was your own hair.


Keratin Bonds (Glue In)

These are attached to the hair via little keratin bonds at the tip of the extension which are fused with a little hot tool. These are extremely popular and look great but do require significant upkeep and regular appointments for maintenance.  As well as that, you need to avoid putting conditioners, oils or heated appliances near the connection, as these will weaken the bond and possibly lead to your extensions coming out much earlier than they should.  For maximum longevity with this system, remember to condition only the lengths.  Best of all, these extensions can be curled and straightened as if it was your own hair.


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